Why Yoga In Rishikesh has a Separate Value?

Yoga is an ancient art of meditation and body posture through which we aim to connect our mind, body and soul. It originated in India and is now practised all across the world. But Yoga in  Rishikesh has a separate value in the world. Yoga cures many diseases and problems of the body and practising yoga helps to live a healthy life. Science too emphasizes practising yoga to cure severe diseases, even cancer. For a healthy lifestyle, it is necessary to have a healthy and positive surrounding and no other place can be better than Rishikesh in these terms.

As Rishikesh is the gate to the Himalayas (Believed to be the living place of Lord Shiva known as the god of yoga), yoga in Rishikesh gives you a better chance to understand and adapt to this ancient art. This place is a combination of the modern world with ancient Sanatana dharma culture and values where you can better understand this art with many yoga gurus and trained professionals. In Rishikesh, there is also some must to do visit places that attract a lot of tourists.

It is also a famous pilgrimage destination for many devotees, Neelkanth Mahadev Temple, Kunjapuri Devi Temple, Trimbakeshwar Temple, and many other religious sites are present here. Rishikesh is also a centre of attraction for many adventure lovers as it offers Adventure sports like Bungee Jumping, River Rafting, Flying Fox Activity and some very beautiful tracks for Trekking. Doing Yoga is consist of five basic principles (Breathing, relaxation, proper exercise, meditation and balanced diet) and doing yoga in Rishikesh helps to maintain all these principles in our lives in a much better way because of different aspects present in this place like:

This simply means to have control over your breathing, systematically and with clean air in a clean environment. As this place is in the gate of Himalayas it has a very nourishing environment for your body and mind. The pollution level is very low because of the natural environment of trees, green mountains and the holy river Ganga (Ganges). Ganga River provides a more suitable environment for connecting to this ancient art, which makes yoga in Rishikesh, easier to stay connected with this breathing principle. No one can ever forget the breeze that comes parallel with the holy river and makes breathing a new and pleasant experience with the plenty of breathing benefits.

It means you have to live a hassle-free life and have a positive attitude. Relaxation is an art of being calm that can only be attained by positive thinking in a positive environment. Rishikesh is a modern city with an ancient lifestyle and culture of Vedic Hinduism and the basic teachings of Vedic Hinduism is on how to live the life most appropriately with maintaining the balance between the materialistic world and nature. So this is how yoga in Rishikesh is best for attaining this second principle of yoga. This place is full of ancient Hindu temples and monasteries where you can better learn this art of being relaxed with professionals and Hindu gurus ( Sadhus and Yogis) who have developed the art of living life with the only necessary thing for living life like food and water. So with the better connectivity of nature, culture and urban facilities yoga in Rishikesh become one of the best places for relaxation.

 Proper Exercise:
As we all can understand that this means regular and perfect exercise, perfectly on fixed time Every day is very necessary for yoga because this is all about it. You have to be punctual and consistent with your exercises only the emergencies are exempt. If you focus on previous principles that were breathing and relaxation that you are already attaining just with your presence here, maintaining the proper exercise schedule becomes very easy because exercise also depends on your breathing and relaxation then it will affect the body with the desired results. So, the environment and guidance that you will get by doing yoga in Rishikesh speed up the process of establishing a proper connection between your body and soul.

Meditation is an umbrella word that consists of a lot of practices and ways under it. It can be defined as the exercise of mind and soul of attaining control on your focusing ability and concentration to reach self-awareness. In Rishikesh, you get a well balanced natural environment in a cultural awakening surrounding and people with all urban facilities.

All these factors generate a positive power inside you to boost up your ability to focus during the meditation time that can be easily done for hours. Rishikesh gives you knowledge about ancient meditation practices and the proper way to control that ability to focus. Practising meditation on the banks of the holy river the Ganges; offers an extraordinary experience that everyone should
experience and would like to experience.

Balanced Diet:
A balanced diet is one of the most important parts of your life when you are doing yoga practices. You always have to think about what to eat and what not to. Rishikesh is one of the places that are connected with Vedic Hindu culture. So, here you will know everything about what would be the diet and how to eat properly. Here you will also get a large variety of dishes that you can eat in a balanced diet and with variety of taste; your taste buds will also be happy. You don’t have to compromise with taste in a balanced diet it’s just that you have you know more about the type of food to eat in a balanced diet.

Final Words:
After reading all of these principles of yoga we can better understand that Rishikesh is the best place to do yoga. Yoga in Rishikesh is a kind of experience that you should have if you are doing or thinking about doing yoga. Many people around the globe are now getting attracted toward doing yoga in Rishikesh because of all these factors explained in the principles of yoga. Rishikesh has a large population of foreign tourists and a major percentage of these tourists are here for yoga. This place has cures of many problems in a very simple way with this art of yoga. You can get to know a lot by doing yoga in Rishikesh about yoga itself that you cannot read in
any book. Books or any recorded information cannot you properly with this art. You need proper guidance of a well-trained instructor with deep knowledge and long experience in yoga. Rishikesh has a large number of yoga instructors like this with proper experience. If you are doing yoga in Rishikesh you can see better results than doing it anywhere else.

The desired results become easy to attain and manage for a very long time. Yoga in Rishikesh can be felt well than any other place because it’s providing you everything needed by your body and mind for yoga. This place has a separate value in the art of yoga than many others known and  unknown to you. Yoga in Rishikesh helps you to redecorate your life better and add a magical change in your living and thinking.

If you like yoga you will love the moments of doing yoga in Rishikesh.



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