Yoga Helps You in Maintaining Balance in Life

Let your Retreat take you on a rejuvenating journey

Are you thinking to take a break from your sedentary lifestyle or hectic work routine and looking for an escape from the madding crowd where you can find some solace? Or are you lost in life and don’t know which way to go, feeling mentally unstable and lethargic? Why so puzzled? Why can’t you choose the path of Yoga, soothe your mind and bring a stream of freshness to your body.? Sometimes, we choose a path and don’t know where to go; yoga might help in that case.

Joining a yoga retreat could be a good option for you to reconnect with your true being and find your inner Zen. Runaway to the verdant green mountains ranges of Uttarakhand and replenish your soul. While the glistening Ganga calm down your senses and revitalize your soul, yoga will definitely energize your mind and body. Yoga is a proven tool to harmonize the body with the mind and breathe through the means of yoga postures (asanas), breathing techniques (pranayama) and meditation (dhyana). Practising yoga daily makes us physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually fit and healthy.

The utmost serene atmosphere of Rishikesh coupled with the splendid views of the Lower Himalayas makes it a perfect destination for yoga, meditation, and spiritual practice. Visitors get largely attracted to this place for the divinity of Ganga and its splendid river banks. India is laden with several idyllic yoga retreats where you can learn and practice yoga and we, at Deep Learning Yoga School design the yoga retreats to offer traditional yoga learning in the lap of nature. Our 14 Days Retreat Program could be a true escape from reality for you, where you can get in tune with your body flanked by the exceedingly spectacular view. As a part of the program, it includes a visit to the various spiritual sites and temples of the town. Experience the culture by listening to our kirtans and Satsang sessions.

Deep Learning Yoga School in Rishikesh, India is a registered Yoga Alliance School. The course is led by a team of experienced and certified teachers who link philosophy and anatomy to each asana. At our school, we taught the yoga sadhanas (practices), which are derived from Patanjali yoga sutras, Hatha and Bhakti and Karma yoga. This 14 Days Yoga Retreat targets everyone from absolute beginner to the seasoned yoga practitioners who may or may not have prior knowledge and experience of yoga. Whether you’re looking for inner calm, mental clarity or want to take your practice to another level, our yoga centre is an ideal spot to suit every taste. Here, we’ve handpicked some of the best techniques to help you find your ultimate zen.

You can book for a fourteen-day course that includes asana, meditation, shat karma and pranayama sessions, vegetarian and traditional Indian food, and comfortable accommodation. It would be a worthwhile experience for all those seeking tranquillity and rejuvenation on the bank of Ganga, amidst the breathtaking mountains.

If you like yoga you will love the moments of doing yoga in Rishikesh.



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