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500 Hours Yoga Teacher Training

500 Hours Yoga ttc
Residential Hatha, Ashtanga and Vinyasa 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Rishikesh India

500 Hour Hatha and Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training offered by Deep Yoga School in India, which is accredited by Yoga Alliance USA is a complete course for yoga and a combination of 200 hours and 300 hours. 500 Hours Yoga Teacher Training India serves as the comprehensive & advanced program for the seekers willing to study in-depth and intensive yoga curriculum. Being a Yogi, the 500 Hour Teacher Training Course is for the students who are super dedicated and super excited about their yoga journey. It is an experience of lifetime that leads realizing higher spiritual dimensions as well as guiding students towards a successful practice as a Professional Yoga Teacher. The 500 Hour teacher training course is a life-transforming experience, and we invite students whose practice is at beginner’s level as well as ones who are at advanced levels. The course is also open for yoga enthusiasts, yoga lovers, and spiritual seekers.

Who should choose the 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course?

Anyone who envisages his or her future in yoga and is dedicated to continue their Yogic Journey and follow their Yoga Dreams and are wanting to deepen, enhance their existing personal Yoga practice, and explore the realm of being a Professional Yoga Teacher should not miss this opportunity of practicing Yoga in its birthplace, Rishikesh, India. If you are excited about the possibility of being a Verified Yoga Teacher and being able to establish an International Career in the field of Yoga, then don’t hesitate to listen to your heart and join the course.

Relinquish your eagerness to learn Philosophy (Yoga Darshana), Meditation (Dhyana), Anatomy (Sarir Vigyan), Pranayama (Breathing Techniques), Asana (Postures), Shatkarma (Body Cleansing) and much more.

Explore the Higher and Deeper Dimensions of Yoga and Yogic Ways

  • Committed to my Yogic Journey and my Yoga Dreams
  • Wanting to deepen, enhance my existing personal Yoga practice and explore the realm of being a Professional Yoga Teacher
  • Excited about the possibility of being a Professional Yoga Teacher and being able to establish an International Career in the field of Yoga
  • Eager to learn Philosophy, Meditation, Anatomy, Pranayama which are important part of a Yoga Teachers repertoire along with the knowledge of Yoga Asana

Yoga Alliance Accreditation

  • Internationally Recognized Yoga Certificate by Yoga Alliance and Yoga Alliance Professionals
  • You will receive a 500-hour certification eligible to be registered with Yoga Alliance US.

Why Deep Yoga School Is Always Special

  • Deep Yoga School offers 500 Hours Teacher Training Course in affiliation with Yoga Alliance USA and Yoga Alliance International
  • We are an ever growing family of yoga teachers from all over the world.
  • Our team consists of experienced Yoga Teachers who have acquire their knowledge of Yoga from the sacred Gurukul Schooling Methodology
  • We believe in delivering the best hence all our classes are conducted by our Lead Teachers
  • We teach Hatha Yoga Ashtanga Yoga Vinyasa Yoga
  • We offer luxurious accommodation for stay and our Yoga Shala is at a beautiful location.

Yoga Teacher Training Syllabus in Rishikesh India

You either get bitter or get better. It’s that simple. You either take what has been dealt to you and allow it to make you a better person, or you allow it to tear you down. The choice does not belong to fate, it belongs to you.

Yoga Philosophy

  • The study of yoga philosophies and traditional texts (such as the Yoga Sutras, Hatha Yoga Pradipika or Bhagavad Gita or Ashtanga Yoga)
  • Ethics for yoga teachers, such as those involving teacher – student relationships and community
  • Understanding the value of teaching yoga as a service and being of service to others (seva)

Techniques, Training and Practice

  • Hatha yoga asanas, pranayamas, kriyas, chanting, mantra, meditation
  • Training on techniques
  • Guided practice of asana techniques

Teaching Methodology

  • Teaching skills such as group dynamics and planning of class
  • Principles of demonstration, observation, assisting and correcting
  • Teaching style

Anatomy and Physiology

  • Human physical anatomy and physiology
  • Chakras and Nadis
  • Study of asana and pranayama of our body

Yoga Teacher Daily Schedule, Deep Yoga School

When we push for immediate results and instant healing, we never inhabit the important in-between phase, which is where much of the learning and growth actually happen.

  • 06:30 am - Wake-up (wake-up herbal tea)
  • 07:00 am - Yogic purification / Body alignment exercise
  • 07:45 am - Pranayama with Mudra & Bandha
  • 08:20 am - Milk/ Fresh Fruit juice
  • 09:00 am - Hatha Yoga (Yoga teaching techniques)
  • 12:00 pm - Lunch
  • 01:00 pm - Main lecture Philosophy / Karma Yoga
  • 02:15 pm - Juice/ Milk/ Herbal Tea
  • 03:00 pm - Body Anatomy & Physiology
  • 05:00 pm - Ashtanga Yoga / (Advanced asana class)
  • 07:00 pm - Silence (Maun) / Meditation class
  • 08:00 pm - Dinner
  • 09:00 pm - Self-study / discussion / sharing with herbal tea
  • 10:00 pm - Good Night

Note: Daily Schedule is subject to change - Deep Yoga School

Yoga Teacher Course Schedule, Deep Yoga School

Remember, it doesn’t matter how deep into a posture you go – what does matter is who you are when you get there. – Max Strom

Event Name Dates Price(Shared Room) Application Form
500 Hours YTTC 02 Apr to 29 May 2020 US $ 1349 Apply Now
500 Hours YTTC 02 Jun to 29 Jul 2020 US $ 1349 Apply Now
500 Hours YTTC 02 Aug to 29 Sept 2020 US $ 1349 Apply Now
500 Hours YTTC 02 Oct to 29 Nov 2020 US $ 1349 Apply Now
500 Hours YTTC 02 Dec to 29 Jan 2021 US $ 1349 Apply Now

Please Note: Check latest currency rates before applying. Early bird Discount $200 off, if you book 2 months before.

Total Price:
Twin-Sharing Accommodation: – USD $ 1349
Single/Private Accommodation: – USD $ 1449
Scholarships 12 /Dormitory Accommodation 3 Single Beds USD $ 699

Registration Fee
In order to reserve your course, a deposit of US $315 for 300 hour Course in advance through PayPal or bank transfer is required.

Yoga Teacher Course Details, Deep Yoga School

That’s exactly how it is in yoga. The places where you have the most resistance are actually the places that are going to be the areas of the greatest liberation.


  • Consumption of Alcohol or Smoking or Use of Any Banned Substance or In-disciplined Behavior with Teachers or Fellow Students shall result in immediate rustication from the course without any refund


  • 60 Days and 59 Nights is the duration of the course
  • Every 7th day of the course is a holiday (Day 7, Day 14)

Eligibility - Who is eligible to join the course?

  • Yoga is for one and all; hence we invite each and everyone who wishes to be a part of this blissful journey of 200 hours Teacher Training Course
  • The course is open for beginners as well as for seekers who have been practicing yoga for a while and fall under the advanced category

Course Fees

  • Fees include all the teaching classes, room accommodation, 3 times Vegetarian Meals every day (Breakfast, Tea, Lunch, Dinner).

Payment methods

  • Payment can be sent by PayPal, TransferWise or any other online Transfer methods, but we receive all the payment in Indian Rupees.
  • Make sure you will add the commission for your online transaction. You can pay it directly after your arrival at our School. We accept Credit Card & Indian Rupees, US Dollar, Euro.
  • If you are doing a bank transfer from your bank please mail us the TT copy.

Fees Refundable Policy

  • Advance deposit will be non-refundable. It will be valid for six months from the actual date of Course.
  • Outstanding course fee must be paid in full before course commence.
  • Please note that School will not return the course fee if you are fully insured against any unforeseen circumstances that either prevent you from attaining the course or that require you to leave the course early.
  • In case of any cancellation course can re schedule your admission to any TTC within 1 year of registration.
  • For reschedule of the course latest courses price will be applicable.

Evaluation & Certification

  • Examination will be based on written as well as practicals.
  • 95% of attendance is mandatory to be applicable for certification

What Our Students Say

In asana practice we learn to cherish each breath, to cherish every cell in our bodies. The time we spend on the mat is love in action — Rolf Gates

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